Monday, 4 April 2016



As years go by and the general activity of living, working and at times surviving takes it toll, generating enthusiasm for absolutely anything can at times become a chore in itself. But a few minutes in the company of author, biker and adventurer Zoe Cano is proof positive that doing something out of the ordinary is more than worthwhile. When a lone female sits astride a classic Triumph Bonneville and heads off across America with nothing more advanced than a few maps and faith in her ability to succeed you quickly realise that there are people still walking or riding this planet who live life to the full.
And not only has Zoe done it once and written her first book ' Bonneville Go Or Bust' this softly spoken lady biker has done it again, this time travelling around the back roads between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast. Taking in the parts of Georgia, Alabama and the Florida panhandle that few if any tourists ever take the time to visit, Zoe's second offering 'Southern Escapades' takes the reader on a personal journey through stunning scenery, characterful people, the extremes of wealth and dire poverty along with a few near misses.

But it's not so much the books that are themselves another significant achievement, it's the fact this once international business woman has changed her life and her train of thought and decided to do something with her life. The fact it's on two wheels is all the more significant, her passion for this truly individualistic mode of travel combined with not knowing what could be around the next corner a lesson for us all. Whilst most of us let our arteries harden Zoe is doing what we all know we should be, living a life that has meaning if only to ourselves. All that could be missing is the soundtrack to go with it, but if ever a song was written that sums up Zoe's attitude look no farther than Stone Broken's 'Another Day', lyrics that like Zoe, we could all learn to live by.

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  1. Wow what a brilliant, heartfelt interview. It was a pleasure meeting you up in Manchester. All the best out 'on the roads' of life - Zoe